Why do we manufacture our products in the EU?

Why do we manufacture our products in the EU?

The decision to manufacture leather goods for the hospitality industry in the European Union, rather than in China or other Asian countries, offers a number of benefits. These benefits include product quality, flexibility in ordering, cultural connection and sustainability.

The advantages of European production in detail

Firstly, the EU stands for strict quality standards. Companies that manufacture their leather goods in the EU must adhere to a wide range of regulations and standards to ensure the safety, durability and quality of their products. This is particularly important in the hotel and catering industry, where leather goods are exposed to heavy use and must maintain an attractive appearance. The safety of guests is equally important, and the manufacturer provides comprehensive insurance cover for this.

Secondly, production in the EU offers flexibility for orders. The proximity of the production facilities to the target region means that orders can be processed quickly and efficiently. This enables us to respond to individual customer requests - i.e. to offer tailor-made, individualized leather articles and to minimize delivery bottlenecks. The flexibility in order processing makes it easier for us to increase customer satisfaction and build a long-term business relationship.

Another important aspect is the cultural connection. The EU, and the European hospitality industry in particular, has a rich cultural tradition that can be embodied in leather goods for the hospitality industry. By manufacturing in the EU, we can offer authentic and traditional designs that reflect the unique atmosphere and aesthetics of the hospitality industry. This can help make guests and customers feel comfortable and enjoy a special experience in your hotel or restaurant.

After all, sustainability is playing an increasingly important role and is reflected in the current standards of large hotel chains. Production in the EU enables us to comply with strict environmental regulations and pursue sustainability goals. The EU has guidelines on environmentally friendly production, the protection of natural resources and waste prevention. By choosing European production sites, we can ensure that your leather items are produced sustainably and thus help to protect the environment.


In summary, the production of leather articles for the hotel and catering industry in the EU offers a number of advantages, such as

  • Strict quality standards
  • Flexibility with orders
  • cultural connection
  • and of course sustainability

These benefits can help set your business apart from the competition, enhance your guests' experience, do something good for the environment and ultimately support the long-term development of your restaurant and hotel brand.

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