reception blotter-check-in-leather

Reception blotter for the reception desk

Leather blotter for hotels

Reception blotters and writing pads are very important for reception, both in terms of design and function. As every reception area is designed differently, we manufacture our check-in blotters exactly to your specifications - whether in terms of shape, size or the materials used.
This article can be extended with various extras, such as decorative pockets, a decorative seam or a pen recess.
Of course, our Reception Blotters can be personalized with one or more logos.

Unsere Empfangsblotter werden mit einem stabilen MDF-Kern ausgestattet, dieser wird anschließend mit Echtleder oder PU-Leder überzogen. Je nach Tresenoberfläche verwenden wir für die Rückseite des Empfangsblotters ein Anti-Rutsch-Material oder einen edlen Samt. Sowohl die Größe, als auch die Blotterform können nach Wunsch angepasst und verändert werden.

Das genaue Layout gestalten wir gerne nach Ihren individuellen Wünschen und Vorstellungen. Die Empfangsblotter können mit einem oder mehreren Logos personalisiert werden.

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    You can choose between anti-slip material or velvet for the back side.

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    The Blotters can be equipped with different pockets.
    The layout and sizes of the pockets can be chosen freely by you.

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    Of course, this article can be personalized with one or more logos if wanted.
    The logo can be embossed in blind or with embossing foil (colour as desired).

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    This article is available with or without stitching, the colour of the yarn is freely selectable.

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    The corners can be made straight or rounded.

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    Pen recess

    You can add a pen recess to this product.

Genuine leather

genuine leather genuine-leather


PU leather









Formats 370 x 270 x 7mm
450 x 350 x 7mm
570 x 350 x 7mm or as desired
Scope of application Underlay for the reception area
Options Decorative stitching, corners, pockets, pen recess
Material inside MDF
Material outside Genuine leather, PU leather

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