hotel room

Leather room articles for hotels

A pleasant stay of your guests is ensured not only by the furnishing of the hotel room, but also by numerous essential room articles. Depending on the type and specialization of the hotel, there are some furnishing products that should not be missing in any room.

Our bestsellers include our Condiment Boxes, whether simply made of wood or upholstered in leather. In these boxes a selection of teas is presented with style; you will have the choice whether the box is with or without lid.

Furthermore, our hotel portfolios is a popular article for the furnishing of hotel rooms in the noble hotel business. In this folder, which is stored in every hotel room, all relevant documents and information for a pleasant stay can be conveniently stored. The article can be extended with pockets and extensions such as a pen recess or pen pocket.

For many years we have been specializing in the production of such room articles for luxury hotels, from Materials such as artificial leather, real leather and wood. Products from our range are manufactured by hand to the highest quality standards and are convincing in terms of both workmanship and durability.

We carry a wide range of standard designs but are also known for making custom made products. All our articles are modifiable in shape and size, there are also numerous possibilities for material selection and combination of materials.

Of course it is possible to emboss your logos on leather articles in blind or with various embossing foils. With modern laser technology, your logo can be accurately engraved on wooden room articles. This gives a personal touch and ensures a high recognition value of your corporate design.