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Leather room folders / hotel folders

Individual room folders / hotel folders for upscale hotels

Unsere elegant room folders / hotel folders are perfect for placing all relevant documents and brochures for your guests in one place. The folders can be equipped with various pockets or a ring mechanism so that everything important such as paper, your business card, flyer or a pen can be conveniently presented. By using this article, your guest will quickly find all relevant information and can therefore enjoy a carefree stay.
We use only the best PU leather, genuine leather and bookbinding linen to ensure that our room folders and hotel folders are both durable and aesthetically pleasing. You can use both choose the format as well as the shapes and sizes of the bags yourselfso that the folder fits perfectly to your hotel rooms.
With a Logo embossing in blind or in colour the room directories become an important part of your corporate design.

Die Zimmermappen haben einen stabilen Cardboard-Kern und werden mit diversen Materialien ummantelt, wie PU-Leder, Echtleder oder Buchbinderleinen. Auf der Innenseite kann auf Wunsch auch edler Piquét-Stoff verwendet werden. Die Inhalte werden mithilfe von Magnetleisten und Taschen befestigt, welche in Form und Größe auf Ihre genauen Bedürfnisse angepasst werden können. Unsere Zimmermappen sind standardmäßig verfügbar in allen üblichen Formaten, wie z.B. DIN A4 oder DIN A4 quadratisch, können aber auch in Sondergrößen produziert werden. Alle Ausführungen dieses Artikels können mit Ihrem eigenen Logos personalisiert werden.

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    The room folders can be equipped with different pockets.
    The layout and sizes of the pockets can be chosen freely by you.

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    Magnet strips

    You can add one or more magnetic strips to this product.

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    Embossing of your room folder

    Of course, this article can be personalized with one or more logos if wanted.
    The logo can be embossed in blind or with embossing foil (colour as desired).

  • upholstery-foam


    Our room folders can be equipped with upholstery. A foam layer is laid between the core and the outer material to achieve a soft, elegant feel.

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    Ring mechanism

    Room Directories can be equipped with a ring mechanism.

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    This article is available with or without stitching, the colour of the yarn is freely selectable.

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    The corners can be made straight or rounded.

Genuine leather

genuine leather genuine-leather


genuine leather genuine-leateher


genuine leather genuine-leather-edel


genuine leather-genuine-leather-high quality


PU leather













Jolly - Microfibre

bookbinding linen

Linen - bookbinding linen


Piquet - Fabric

Formats DIN A4 (regular, square) or as desired
Scope of application Presentation of info material
Options Pockets, magnet strips, ring mechanism
Material inside High-quality cardboard
Material outside PU leather, genuine leather, bookbinder's linen, piquét fabric

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