Leather banquet blotter

Classic banquet blotter for conferences

Unsere Banquet blotters for hotels leave a professional impression on your guests, no matter whether in the Conference room or at a banquet event. Simple in design and function, this product is a perfect investment for any upscale hotelier.
The format and the size, as well as other extras, such as a pen cavity, can be completely changed. adapted to your requirements will be. Due to the use of high-quality materials, the writing pads are not only aesthetically pleasing, they are also best suited for continuous use. Of course, the banquet blotters can be personalised with one or more logos.

Unsere Bankettblotter haben einen hochwertigen Cardboard-Kern, der auf Wunsch mit einem festeren MDF-Kern ersetzt werden kann. Überzogen mit erstklassigem PU-Leder oder Echtleder, ist der Bankettblotter für den Dauergebrauch bestens geeignet. Wir bieten dieses Produkt in Standardgrößen und -Ausführungen an, können aber bei Bedarf auch Sondergrößen herstellen.

Die Bankettblotter können mit einer Stiftmulde oder einer eleganten Ziernaht veredelt werden. Selbstverständlich kann dieser Artikel mit einem oder mehreren Logoprägungen personalisiert werden.

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    You can choose between anti-slip material, velvet or leather for the back side.

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    Pen recess

    You can add a pen recess to this product.

  • upholstery-foam


    Of course, this article can be personalized with one or more logos if wanted.
    The logo can be embossed in blind or with embossing foil (colour as desired).

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    This article is available with or without stitching, the colour of the yarn is freely selectable.

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    The corners can be made straight or rounded.

  • upholstery-foam


    Banquet blotters can be equipped with padding. A foam layer is laid between the core and the outer material to achieve a soft, elegant feel.

Genuine leather

genuine leather genuine-leather


PU leather









Formats 370 x 270mm
450 x 350mm
570 x 350mm or as desired
Scope of application Underlay for conference rooms
Options Decorative stitching, corners, pen recess
Material inside Cardboard or MDF
Material outside Genuine leather, PU leather

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