Hotel articles for bathrooms

High-quality leather bathroom articles for upscale hotels

Demanding guests can expect a flawlessly cleaned, stylishly designed bathroom in upscale hotels. This also includes small articles made of leather and wood that are functional and keep things tidy. A lovingly furnished bathroom provides a high feel-good factor and tempts your visitors to relax. For years we have been supplying well-known hotel chains with high-quality tissue boxes, amenity boxes and Waste Bins for bathrooms. We manufacture the items from various genuine leathers, artificial leathers, piqué and velvet fabrics as well as types of wood and place a high value on individuality.

All hotel articles for the bathroom can be personalized with one or more logos. Depending on the material used, your logo is embossed (in blind or hot stamping foils) or engraved using laser technology. Personalised bathroom articles ensure that your corporate design is better memorised by the guests and thus ensures a high recognition value.

One item from our range that is particularly popular with hotel chains is the Tissue boxThat we manufacture from wood or MDF and are coated with different types of leather. This box is designed to contain a traditional handkerchief dispenser and to present it in style. It is important that the contents of the dispenser can be exchanged quickly and easily by the housekeeping, so that the guest always has enough towels at his disposal. Our tissue boxes are available in angular and round shapes, and the opening can be either round or oval.

As with all other products in our assortment, you can tell us your wishes and ideas regarding shape, dimensions and material, and we will implement them in the best possible way. Since we place a very high value on individuality, we do not shy away from special designs and offer a detailed layout and sample service.