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Robust menu folder in book form with fixed number of pages

Model Grand Dinner

"Grand Dinner" - a noble and robust menu folder in book form with fixed number of pages. The sewn-in passe-partouts allow the contents to be changed quickly and the paper stays clean and in shape for a long time, even in demanding environments.
The You can choose the design of the passe-partout freelywhere we recommend classic piqué fabric full frames. Up to four passe-partout pages can be sewn in, so that this menu model can be used for maximum 10 pages content have. Excellent as a menu or as a extensive wine list.

The "Grand Dinner" menu is made from high-quality cardboard and covered with PU leather or bookbinding linen. The sewn-in passe-partout pages are classically made from elegant piqué fabric or, on request, from other materials.

The paper is attached using insert pockets and can be replaced quickly if necessary. The shape and size of the pockets can be determined by you. We recommend this card in DIN A4 and A5 formats. Special formats and designs are of course possible!

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    The number and material of the sewn-in passepartouts can be chosen by you (max. 4 pages).

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    The pockets can be vertical, horizontal or full frame. Other designs are possible!

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    Of course, the Grand Dinner menu can be personalised with one or more logos.
    The logo can be embossed blind or with embossing foil (colour as desired).

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    The corners can be made straight or rounded.

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    This menu is available with or without seam, the colour of the yarn is freely selectable.

  • cushioning-foam


    The Grand Dinner menu can be equipped with upholstery. A foam layer is laid between the core and the outer material to achieve a soft, elegant feel.

PU Leather


Formats DIN A4 (regular, square, narrow)
DIN A5, or as desired
Scope of application Food menu, beverage menu, wine list
Number of pages Up to 10 pages
Material inside High-quality cardboard
Material outside PU leather, bookbinder's linen, piquét fabric

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