Service articles for hotels

Service articles from high-quality leather & noble wood for luxury hotels

In the upscale hotel business, numerous services for the guest are part of everyday life. Possible services include, for example, laundry service or room service. In order to carry out these tasks successfully, your employees need some articles that are not only functional, but also stylish. We specialize in the production of leather and wood articles. One of our most popular products in the "Service" category is the Laundry Box (also known as a Laundrybox the Laundry List Holder, numerous service trays (also called Service Tray ), as well as small items such as personalized door tags.

The selection of materials for the production ranges from noble genuine leathers and synthetic leathers, to wood types such as oak or birch, to long-lasting felt or piqué fabric. Of course we will assist you with the selection of materials and provide you with samples free of charge if required. The materials we use conform to all common standards and are locally manufactured, which saves long transport routes.

Our specialized leather and wood items for hotel use can of course be personalized with one or more logos.
Depending on the design, your logo is embossed using hot stamping technology or engraved using laser technology. We will gladly provide you with layouts before production so that you can determine the exact size and position of the logo.

Each hotel has an individual charm, therefore we offer numerous options for the individualization of the service articles. You can decide for yourself if you want one of our standard sizes or formats, or if you want to tell us your wishes and ideas and get a unique product. We are always open for special requests or special designs and are always available to advise you.