Leather door hangers for hotels

Noble door hangers for the upscale hotel business

Our Door hangers for hotels are elegant and useful accessories for the upscale hotel industry. They can be used by guests, for example, to signal their desire for peace and quiet or to show that a conference room in the hotel is currently in use.
We offer this article in different shapes and sizes an, made of high-quality PU leather or genuine leather. The recess for the door handle can also be adapted to your requirements.
If desired, the door hangers can be finished with a decorative decorative seam, whether tone-in-tone or in contrasting colours.
It is possible to emboss the door hanger on one or both sides with hotel lettering and logos.

The door hangers for hotels consist of a sturdy cardboard core covered with high-quality PU leather. On request, we also offer an exclusive version made from one of our genuine leather types. The door tag can be designed in two colours so that your service staff can recognize the guest's request from a distance. You can determine both the shape and the size of the item yourself so that your personalized door tag matches your interior exactly. The shape of the recess can also be freely selected. An optional decorative stitching can be used either in contrasting colors or tone-on-tone. The door hanger can be embossed with logos and lettering on one or both sides.

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    You can choose between a rectangular and a round hole. Special shapes are available on request.

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    Of course this article can be personalized with one or more logos.
    The logo can be embossed blind or with embossing foil (colour as desired).

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    Doorhangers are available with or without stitching, the colour of the yarn is freely selectable.

Genuine leather

PU Leather


Formats 90 x 180mm or as desired
Scope of application Communication with housekeeping
Options Decorative stitching, shape, hole
Material inside High-quality cardboard
Material outside PU leather, genuine leather

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