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Noble tissue boxes for hotels

Leather handkerchief dispenser with embossed logo

The Tissue box has long been a standard article in the upscale hotel industry. Handmade made of high-quality PU leather, this article can be adapted to your room design and, if required Logo embossing can be provided. As a modern version we also offer this article in a pure wood version.
We offer our noble tissue boxes for hotels in rectangular and square design, suitable for the two common formats of tissue dispensers. The opening for removing the handkerchiefs can be round, oval or even rectangular. On request, we can refine your tissue boxes with a decorative decorative seam.
This article can be used both in the room and in the bathroom and is extremely durable due to the special processing.

The tissue boxes consist of an impregnated cardboard core, which is covered with high-quality PU leather. It is also possible to produce the box in stained and varnished wood. This item is available in two standard formats, square and rectangular, and can be fitted with a magnetic closure in the base if required. For the top opening, you can choose between a round, oval or rectangular version, and the decorative seam is also optional. Our tissue boxes can also be designed in several colors on request. This item can of course be personalized with an embossed logo.

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    The opening can be round, oval or rectangular.

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    Of course this article can be personalized with one or more logos.
    The logo can be embossed blind or with embossing foil (colour as desired).

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    Magnetic floor

    On request we can equip the box with a magnetic closure in the bottom.

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    Tissue boxes made of PU leather are available with or without seam, the colour of the yarn can be chosen freely.

  • cushioning-foam


    Tissue boxes can be equipped with padding. A foam layer is placed between the core and the outer material to achieve a soft, noble feel.

PU Leather

PU Leather



Formats 130 x 130 x 145mm
265 x 145 x 85mm or as desired
Scope of application Cover for handkerchief dispenser
Options decorative seam, magnetic base, opening
Material inside Impregnated cardboard, real wood
Material outside PU Leather

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